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Outside the Loop RADIO

Dec 25, 2016

Mike Stephen talks with DNAinfo Chicago reporter/producer Sam Cholke about the new and more efficient LED streetlights being tested around the city; checks in with Streetsblog Chicago writer Jean Khut about creating a safe space from street harassment for female bicyclists via the For Women Only, Duh rides; and chats with Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) about obscure, loud, stupid, and fun band the Trouble Boys for this week's "The Fall Winter of Punk" edition of The Secret History of Chicago Music. Meanwhile, we play yet another voicemail from #1 OTL fan Mrs. Stephen... who heard Mike and his son mentioned on the 12/10 edition of The Kathy & Judy Show! This week's local music is provided by Bleach Party (featuring drummer Kaylee Preston, who was profiled in OTL #448).