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Outside the Loop RADIO

Mar 6, 2016

Mike Stephen visits with Blackfish: The Musical (for real!) director Jonald Reyes and co-writer Thomas Simmons in anticipation of the play's world premiere opening night at MCL Chicago; checks in with Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) about living legend Lonnie Brooks for this week's "Winter Blues" edition of The Secret History of Chicago Music; and stops by The Den Theatre to chat with some of the Under the Rug Theatre Company crew (playwright Neil Connelly, director John Wilson, and cast members Annie Prichard and Todd Wojcik) about their new play RIDE inspired by Chicago's cycling community. Meanwhile, we discuss Mike's biggest fan "Jim," eating spicy hot foods, and a new approach for the next Toons Bar & Grill annual Wing Fling. This week's local music is provided by Radio Shaq.