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Outside the Loop RADIO

Feb 24, 2011

Since Mike Stephen has been busy sunning himself in Puerto Vallarta this past week, he plays an assortment of great conversations from previous shows.

Feb 16, 2011

Mike Stephen goes to the theater to learn about the new local vaudeville variety show Shenanigans, revisits the “dibs” parking issue, and discusses the future of Chicago’s sustainability with the creator of

Feb 10, 2011

Mike Stephen gets a push poll call on the air, discusses pollution in NW Indiana, learns about the anti-dibs Chair-Free Chicago, and gets the lowdown on the iBrewMaster app.

Feb 3, 2011

Mike Stephen recalls his recent push poll experience, talks to IL Secretary of State Jesse White about the new Cubs license plates, gets the scoop on the local recording of a song about Mayor Daley, and discusses the rise of online funding platforms in the arts community.