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Outside the Loop RADIO

Jan 26, 2012

Mike Stephen learns how some corporations don't pay much in taxes, plays a 2003 clip of Fr. Michael Pfleger talking about race, and discusses beekeeping with the co-founder of the Chicago Honey Co-Op.

Jan 19, 2012

Mike Stephen discusses a local study that looks at the link between bike seats and erectile dysfunction, grows a 'stache, and previews Toons' Wing Fling on January 28th.

Jan 12, 2012

Mike Stephen talks to Andy Hermann about discovering a new local watering hole, learns how many IL lawmakers are also lobbyists, and discusses community journalism with the founder of The Red...

Jan 5, 2012

Mike Stephen talks to the creators of, learns about a Chicago comedy blog, and chats with the editor of the Chicago Pipeline, an e-newsletter about Wicker Park...